Monday, March 19, 2012

Holidays in Tasikmalaya

Holidays in Tasikmalaya

On holidays, my family and I went to Tasikmalaya. We went to grandma's house. During the trip, we enjoyed the scenery is very beautiful. In addition we feel comfortable because the air is very cool peak. A trip to grandma's house are many obstacles not only stuck in traffic about 20 minutes in Padalarang Bandung because there was an accident. But, lucky the police immediately came to address them. Our eyes are made will be amazed at the beauty of nature and Garut Nagreg. We took a break in the restaurant area Garut hunger. We ordered the typical Sundanese very tasty and we continued on. Arriving atour grandmother's house up to do with grandma.

The next day, our family went to Mount Galunggung. Galunggung distance to grandma's house not too far takes about 2 hours. After reaching the mountain Galunggung proceed to walk up the stairs with 650 steps. The trip is very beautiful from the top of Galunggung we saw a very beautiful scenery. Tasikmalaya city skyline visible from the summit of Galunggung. We also see the crater of Mount Galunggung shaped like a chocolate-colored lake. Galunggung near the crater stands a small mosque is amazing. Unfortunately our family did not dare go there because it is quite far away. We are feeling very tired to be very happy. We are fear because we have to fall back and down the stairs 620.

The third day at my grandmother's house we continued on to circumnavigate the city of Tasikmalaya. We enjoyed the morning air Tasikmalaya, enjoy famous foods there. We get around the city of Tasikmalaya until the evening. There is one unique and delicious food "TO" is Tutug Oncom rice for Rp. 2000,00 very cheap is not it? TO rice is perfect accompanied by fried. Rice mixed with oncom, accompanied by fried only about Rp. 3000,00 our stomach is full, very cheap. After a walk and up to do with my grandmother and family in Tasikmalaya not forget to visit the grave of our grandfather's past, we again went to Bogor and continued our activities as usual.

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